Photos: Red Ribbon Week at SJHS

October 24th – October 28th
Red Ribbon Week is an awareness campaign that brings millions of people together to raise awareness regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention. Red Ribbon Week is observed annually the last full week in October. Red Ribbon Week is regarded as the kick off to a year of prevention in our schools and in our communities. It is the largest, most visible prevention awareness campaign observed annually in the United States.
“No Use of Illegal Drugs, No Illegal Use of Legal Drugs.”

MONDAY – Drugs are not a match! Just Say No!
Mismatch Day (Come wearing everything mismatched)

TUESDAY – Don’t keep this tip under your hat, Don’t Do Drugs!
Hat Day (Wear a hat to school)

WEDNESDAY – It is crazy to do drugs! Just Say No!
Crazy Hair Day (Don’t be scared to show us your bedhead)

THURSDAY – Your future is bright without drugs!
60 Years In The Future Day (Dress/look like you are 60 years older than you are)

FRIDAY – Life is so much more colorful without drugs!
Class Color Day (Wear as much of your class color as you can.) MOVED TO MONDAY DUE TO NO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY…

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