Southeast Elementary practices evacuation


More than 150 Southeast Elementary Students took part in a trial run for evacuating the building in Weir on Tuesday morning.  In case of an emergency, such as a shooter situation or a natural disaster, teachers and other staff will lead the students to the Weir Civic Center, which will be used as the school’s command center.

“As we looked around for a building, yes, there are plenty of homes, but to try to put almost 200 kids and staff in, we need a building,” said Southeast Elementary Principal Tammie Hall.

“It’s great practice for the kids and the staff,” School Resource Officer Dallas Pullman said of Tuesday’s trial run.  “It lets everybody in the community and the school know what’s going on, where we’re going in case of an emergency which I hope never happens but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  And practice makes perfect.”

“You did a wonderful job,” Principal Hall told the students once they were at the Civic Center.  “Once you got in here the teachers did an awesome job as well.  You got lined up, they counted to make sure you were here, and you’re sitting quietly.

Principal Hall told the students that this first trial run was to show them what to do and where to go in an emergency – to establish a familiar routine, just like they do for fire drills.

“This is our very first practice, right?  We wanted to practice so that we would know what we need to do.  I would assume if something was really happening, now that we know the drill and how to line up and get out of there, we would get out of there and pick up our pace a little bit.”

Principal Hall emphasized to the students that they needed to listen to the adults in charge during an emergency.

“If something goes wrong we have a plan – the police officers will know and your parents will know where to come up and get you,” Principal Hall continued.  “You know how we practice a fire drill?  This is the same thing.  If something bad happens we have a plan.”

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