Southeast Pharmacology students learn about medical fields at Greenbush event


Southeast High School Pharmacology students spent time with health care professionals from a wide range of disciplines at Greenbush this past Friday.

During the Journeys & Destinations event students learned from a variety of health care professionals about their career path, salary potential and daily activities.

“This is a great opportunity to expose students to a variety of careers in the medical field,” said SHS Pharmacology teacher Sara Sutton. “We have such a wide range of student interest and Journeys and Destinations has offered a ‘one stop shop’ to give the students a chance to explore many different medical careers in just one day.”

This year’s presenters consisted of dentistry, optometry, medical flight, audiology, family medicine, physical therapy, veterinary and surgery doctors.

“It’s not every day that you get to pick the brains of doctors to ask them intimate questions about their jobs and Journeys and Destinations offers that,” Sutton said. “It is a hands-on experience that students always enjoy going to that will help drive their decisions in future career choices.”

In the past presenters included family physicians, athletic trainers, medical technologists, medical forensic scientist, veterinarians, pharmacists, and occupational therapists.

SHS students participating in the event were Sammie Becker, Katey Freeman, Megan Gall, Courtney Goodelk, Casey Harper, Meredith Harris and Katie Horsman.

2014 10 17 Journeys and Destinations trip

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