USD 247 to repair junior high roof, high school parking lot

The USD 247 Board of Education approved multiple construction projects at their monthly board meeting on Monday night: roof repairs at the Southeast Junior High School and repairs to the parking lot at Southeast High School. Prior to their approval, Superintendent Brad Miner explained the projects would be paid for using Capital Outlay funds.

In October 2014 voters granted the school district the authority to collect up to 8 mils for capital expenses, used initially for the district’s required share of a tornado safe room at the Southeast Elementary School, as well as handicap accessibility compliance improvements throughout the district.

Mr. Miner said the district now has enough in the Capital Outlay fund for further necessary repairs.

“The roof is a necessity – we have to fix it, and fortunately insurance will likely reduce the district cost,” Miner said after the meeting.

The roof was damaged during one of this year’s many wind storms. Materials for the roof will come from the Greenbush cooperative and cost $62,394.84. The board approved a bid of $65,400 for labor from Joplin Roofing. The district expects to pay this $127,794.84 total and is waiting to learn what insurance will pay for.

The board also approved a bid from Hipfl Construction of Frontenac to make repairs to the SHS parking lot. For $22,576.19, Hipfl will clean the lot, fill cracks, and provide two layers of seal coat plus striping. Concerns over letting the parking lot go another year prompted the board to take this action now while the funds were available.

The board also delayed a decision on replacing some windows at the junior high in order to gather more information.

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