Southeast Elementary PTO – October 4, 2016 Minutes

October 4th, 2016

Present: Amanda Collingsworth, Meg Wheeler, Cara Kubler, Katie Locke, Dorothy Smith, Colleen Lacher, Jackie Scott, Wendy Winter, Carol Denham, Tammy Hall, Joyce Fox and Elaine Humble
Katie Locke called meeting to order at 6:05.

September minutes were read by Amanda Collingsworth. Cara Kubler motioned to approve minutes and Colleen Lacher 2nd.

Treasurers Report-

Read by Elaine Humble.

  • Beginning Checking Balance- $7999.61
  • Ending Checking Balance- $6601.79
  • Savings Account Balance- $4.36

-$21.57 was used to purchase extra pop and water for the parade

-$1390.50 was paid to Carolina Carports for the remaining balance on playground shade.

-$14.25 was made from the Cherokee parade.

Jackie Scott motioned to approve treasurers report. Cara Kubler 2nd.

New Business-

  • T-shirt sales-
    • Katie Locke will be looking into turnaround times and discounts. Katie, Dorothy, Jackie, and Amanda will be meet October 12th to discuss items being sold and when.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences-
    • Elaine Humble will be purchasing food for teachers
  • School Carnival is November 4th-
    • PTO will be selling chili, chili dogs, frito chili pies, hot dogs, cinnamon rolls and drinks.
    • PTO will be serving 250-300 people.
    • A note about food and prices will be sent out by Friday October 21st.
  • Book Fair-
    • Will be looking into having the book fair the week of November 28th or the week or December 12th
  • Projected Expenses
    • PTO will pay for ½ the cost of the schools field trips to the Pumpkin Patch.
    • Scholastic, Inc. yearly magazine subscription
    • Carnival food expenses
    • Box tops postage reimbursement

Cara Kubler motioned to accept and pay all projected expenses. Colleen Lacher 2nd.

Katie Locke motioned to adjourn meeting at 7:20pm. Carol Denham 2nd.

Next PTO meeting will be Tuesday, November 1st at 6:00pm, in Cyndee Martin’s classroom.

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