SJH Yearbook Class Attends Yearbook Workshop

On September 7th, the SJH Yearbook Class attended a yearbook workshop that was hosted by Jostens on the Pittsburg State University campus.  We talked about the proper ways to set up a yearbook, how to hold a camera, what not to do in a yearbook, and how to take good pictures.  We spent some time with a Jostens artist where we were able to design the cover for our new yearbook.  The Jostens representative, Tom Shields, gave our presentation.  He was a hyped and very funny guy, but he gave a lot of information on how to create a good yearbook.  When the workshop was over we took a late lunch by walking across the street to a Mexican restaurant.  We discussed some of the things we learned and some of the plans we wanted to cover for our yearbook while we enjoyed a great lunch.  We followed lunch with Tropical Sno.  We explored the PSU campus and found a few painted rocks.  It was a very fun field trip, and I’m really excited to be in yearbook class.

~Rowdy King, 8th grade

As some may know this is our first year of doing a yearbook.  I think it is a good opportunity for everyone to have fun and to be involved.  We went to a yearbook workshop at Pittsburg State University.  The teacher, Mary Colvin, went with the class.  We all had so much fun.  Tom Shields was the presenter.  He works at Jostens, which is the place that puts our yearbooks together.  We went over how to hold a camera and what not to do.  We went into a room and designed our cover.  We all agreed very quickly what we wanted.  We hope everyone will buy the yearbooks this year!

~Cassie Swezey, 8th grade

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