60+ Attend Family Dinner Night for FCS Day


Monday, December 3rd is recognized nationally as “Family & Consumer Sciences Day” to celebrate the history of the profession of Home Economics, now called Family & Consumer Sciences.

This event, with the tagline, “Dining In For Healthy Families” is celebrated on December 3rd in remembrance of Ellen Richards’ birthday (1842-1911). Richards was the first female admitted to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and was the founder of Home Economics. She was passionate about studying and creating a safe home environment through researching and testing water cleanliness and quality, food safety, and was responsible for the implementation of school lunch programs.


This year, the national focus was encouraging families to put their devices away and enjoy quality time with each other at a sit-down meal in a #DeviceFreeDinner.


The Southeast HS FACS Classes hosted this event on Monday, December 3rd at SHS with over 60 attendees!


You can log on to take your pledge to commit to eating dinner together with your family here.

All of the photos from the night’s event are posted here in this Google Album.

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