How to enroll at Southeast

For the 2016-17 School Year

School start dates
Kindergarten, 5th Grade & 9th Grade – Tuesday August 23
All Grades – Wednesday August 24

How and where to enroll
When enrolling with USD 247 Southeast, please bring the following records for each student:

Students new to USD 247 will also need to provide a Health Assessment At School Entry Form – KSA 72-5214 (PDF).

Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grades are to enroll at Southeast High School in Weir; 5th through 8th grades are at Southeast Junior High in Cherokee; and, 9th through 12th grades are at Southeast High School.

Students living out of district
The state of Kansas offers school choice. Regardless of which school district you live in, you may choose which public school to send your students to, with that district’s approval. If you live out of the USD 247 territory, you will need to fill out an Out of District Transfer form and submit it to the board office. To find out if you live within the territory or not, see the district map (PDF).

Classroom Supply Lists

For other paperwork, including required immunizations, medication use at school, and forms for athletes, visit

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