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    Ropes course helps students face fears

    The Southeast summer program spent Monday July 18 at the ropes course at Greenbush. The ropes course are designed to challenge students and take them out of their comfort zone in a safe environment, while showing each of them how important it is to encourage each other. [...]
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    Zortz fights through storm to finish 50 mile race

    It was a ride that reminded them of what cowboys must have faced during cattle drives when they had no choice. Southeast Junior High School 8th grader Skylar Zortz, her mentor and their horses finished a 50 mile race this past weekend despite thunder, lightning and flash flooding. [...]
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    5th place at TSA Nationals

    Congratulations to Colton Paasch, Caleb Thompson and Caleb Fenimore for taking 5th place in the nation for Digital Video Production at the TSA National conference in Nashville. [...]
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    Parents: Do not underestimate Minecraft

    For those unfamiliar with the game, Minecraft is a computerized version of LEGOS or the old fashioned Erecter Set, where players can build and explore their creation, and share it online with friends. [...]

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About USD 247 Southeast

Mission Statement

USD 247 will educate with high standards through integrity and innovation, while creating a caring and positive atmosphere.

Core Values

Courteous, Dedicated, High Expectations, Integrity, Inviting/Welcoming, Open to New Ideas, Positive Atmosphere, Respectful, Unified.

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