Essential Standards by Subject and Grade Level

Essential standards identify the knowledge, skills, and dispositions all students must acquire as a result of a class, course, or grade level. Essential standards do not make up all of the curriculum standards that are taught for a particular grade level or subject.   Essential standards go beyond what is nice to know and identify what students must know to be proficient and to be ready for the next grade level or course.

Math (PreK through 4th Grade)

Math PreK-4

Math 5 – 8

Reading (coming soon)

English Language Arts (coming soon)

English Language Arts 5 – 8

Science (coming soon)

Science 5 – 8

Social Studies (coming soon)

Social Studies 5 – 8


Essential Learning Standards High School Chemistry

Encore Classes (Choir, band, PE, Video Productions, Family and Consumer Science, VoAg, Wood shop, etc.) (Coming soon)

Graphic Design Yearbook High School

Photo Imaging Yearbook High School

Band 6 – 8

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