America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education

America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education
We need your help!!!

Dear parents,

We know nothing is more important than the next generation, and USD 247 is always looking for new opportunities to go above and beyond for your children. In order to continue to give our students the best education, we are asking for your help to tell local farmers about how they can nominate USD 247 for the opportunity to compete for a grant of up to $25,000 through America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education℠.

For the second year in a row, the Monsanto Fund is gearing-up to invest $2.3 million to strengthen math and science education in rural communities through America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education℠. Now until April 15, 2013, farmers can nominate their favorite, local public school district. After our school district is nominated, we can submit our application.

USD 247 would like to apply for a $25,000 grant, and we plan to use the money for providing our students with new robotics curriculum and the opportunity for our students to raise and care for live animals while incorporating math and science standards! You can help our school district become an America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education winner by encouraging all local farmers to nominate USD 247 Cherokee!

Grants will be awarded based on merit, need and community support. The more farmers to nominate our school district, the more it demonstrates community support and strengthens our application. Farmers can still nominate our school district regardless of how many nominations we have received already.

Visit for more information. If you are an eligible farmer and would like to show your support for USD 247 you can do so at or by calling 1-877-267-3332. Nomination forms are also available from Scott Sutton at Southeast High School. The nomination period runs through April 15, 2013.

Thank you!

Debbie Clawson
Curriculum Director

Dr. Glenn Fortmayer

Larry Malle

Scott Sutton
Vo-Ag Science Instructor

Jim Weber
Assistant Principal

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