Southeast Jr. High Art Gallery

Written by 8th Grade Multimedia Class
April 24, 2013

April 8th students from Southeast Jr. High art class displayed various art projects at the Pittsburg Mall. Students chose two or more projects that they created in art class from either this semester or last semester to put on display. There were many wonderful entries including half and halves, simple color in roses, and objects positioned into intriguing poses. The students all worked very hard to create these pieces, some taking 2-3 weeks to complete. When the students displayed their art projects, it was obvious to see that they enjoyed what they did and felt great seeing their accomplishments hung for people to see. The various pieces were arranged neatly on a display board so you didn’t just see all Zen doodles or roses in one corner, but instead they were spread apart so you could explore the different styles of art. We had many positive comments about the art gallery and I know that hearing those comments made everyone involved proud.

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