New Robotics Courses Offered at SHS

Southeast High School is now offering a new robotics class for the 2013-2014 school year. They have two robots and their names are Rick and Not Rick. The robots can talk, play music, connect to wifi, tells stories, dance, etc. The school received the robots through a grant, but they originally cost around $70,000 for the equipment, software, and curriculum.

To replace a robot would cost between $17,000-$18,000. The class is taught by Brad Coots and in order to be in the class you must be a hard worker, a reliable student, and turn all of your assignments in on time. The objective of the class is to learn about computer programming and build a foundation in robotics. In the process of learning how to program the robots, the students will have to use math, geometry, and problem solving skills.

Written by: Kyra Stewart and Bailee Ulery





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