Final Destination After School Program returns

We’ll begin on Monday, Sept. 9, 2013. Classes will be in session Mondays-Thursdays each day school is in session. A daily snack will be provided.

If you are in the 6th-12th grades, and are ready to learn, have fun, and spend an hour after school with your friends, try the After School experience.

The bus will pick up students at each school, travel to Southeast, and return students to each school, leaving Southeast at 4:45 p.m., then Cherokee, Weir, Mineral, and McCune.

Questions: Call Debbie Clawson, 620-404-9443

Board Games-Mrs. Wydick, M-Th
Cake & Cupcake art-Mrs. Lewis, M & T
Cooking with Colleen (Renn) on Weds
Science Fiction-Mrs. Harrington (HS only)-Monday
“Pick-a-Flick”-Mr. Leiker, T & W
Physical Games/activity, Mr. Hizey, Tues.
Chess Club, Mr. Hizey, Thurs.
ACT Prep, Mrs. Sutton, Saturdays
CAP (rocketry, aeronautics)-Mr. Poe,M-Th

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