Cherokee PTO Minutes – November 2013

November 5th, 2013

Present were Debbie Madl, Rebecca Smith, Colleen Lacher, Suzanne Renn, Elaine Humble, Katie Locke, and Cara Kubler.

Meeting was called to order at 6:05p.m.

October minutes were read by Suzanne Renn. Cara made a motion to approve as read and Elaine seconded.

Treasurer’s report was given by Elaine Humble.
Beginning balance was $7307.02
Ending balance was $5653.74.

Committee Reports-New Business
T-Shirt: Have been distributed.
School Directory: It has been created and Elaine will be printing off to distribute to teachers to only give to the youngest child in a family.
Box tops: Carol has submitted box tops and will be reimbursed $395.00.
Parent/Teacher Conferences: Food was good and teachers enjoyed having K-8 eating as one group this year.
Fall Festival: Great turn out and would recommend doing again next year. The total cost this year was $455.24. Families enjoyed that everything was free and you didn’t have to buy tickets or sell to participate in games. All kids walked away with a prize.
9 Weeks Party: Teachers have submitted receipts to Elaine for reimbursement.

Old Business:
The picnic table has been repaired and no need to purchase new one.
New Business:
Suzanne made a motion to reimburse Carol Denham $10.60 for postage on box tops. Colleen seconded.
Proud Lancer Parents reimbursed $65.00 for their half of food at Parent Teacher Conferences.
Elaine sent a thank-you card to Naked Fruit Company for donating apples for the Fall Festival.
Suggestions for Fall Festival next year:
Need bigger area for cake walk.
Need to form lines and only walk for one song and get back in line. This will allow more kids an opportunity to participate.
Need two lines for ring toss.
Need to buy 25 cans of hair paint next year; as it was very popular.
Chuckie Hessong with Naked Fruit Company presented fundraising information on selling fruit. Discussed joining with Jr. High, Weir, and McCune to sell so this can increase the profit margin. Will wait until February to sell the fruit.
Rebecca will contact Weir and McCune PTO’s in regards to having Chuckie come to one of their meetings and do a presentation.
We will need to offer our own incentive to sell for the students. Discussed having KC Wolf come down and do presentation. Rebecca will get more information on this.

Rebecca made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:30 p.m. Cara seconded.

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