Final Destination Summer Camp

June 17-21, 2013
Monday: We’ll travel to Greenbush to build bridges!
The STEM Class: We’ll build rockets this week!

The Suttons’ agriculture schedule:
Tuesday: Beef Cattle Lesson and Lab(eat meat for those that want to). Spend at least 1 hour on chicken coop.
Wednesday: Dairy Cattle Lesson and Lab(make homemade ice cream) Spend at least 1 hour on chicken coop.
Thursday: Recreational Cattle Lesson, spend remainder of time finishing chicken coop.
We will also vaccinate, and medicate the sheep and goats whenever it’s convenient.
Mr. Coots’ technology/robotics schedule:
In tech class we will be finishing and modifying the remote controlled robot, then competing for the best time on an obstacle course. We will also start troubleshooting the brain powered robot that was used by the CAP program this past year. We will be reinstalling Rick’s operating system to gain access to him through the web. Also, high school TSA students will be finishing paperwork for the TSA National Convention that we will attend at the end of next week.

Tuesday-CAP students will fly in planes at Pittsburg Airport on Tuesday or Wednesday

Wednesday-Non-CAP students may travel to Pittsburg Airport to see the airplanes, visit with a pilot, and see the airport.***** If your son or daughter would like to go to the airport, just make sure they are ready to leave Southeast at 8:15 a.m. (we will provide sack lunches for this trip).
Rocketry and agriculture classes are in session, too!

Thursday-Technology class, agriculture, and rocketry classes today!

Friday-We are excited to provide a trip to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson!
5:15 a.m.-Depart Southeast High School (we’ll bring a light breakfast and sack lunches for all)
5:20 a.m.-Depart Cherokee Elementary
5:30 a.m.-Depart Weir Elementary
5:45 a.m.-Depart West Mineral
6:00 a.m.-Depart McCune
9:45 a.m.-Arrive at the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson
We’ll see the Air Racer’s Digital Movie, Space Museum, Planetarium, and Dr. Goddard’s Lab!
3:00 p.m.-Depart Hutchinson
6:45 p.m.-Arrive at McCune
7:00 p.m.-Arrive at West Mineral
7:15 p.m.-Arrive at Weir
7:25 p.m.-Arrive at Cherokee
7:30 p.m.-Arrive at Southeast

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