Cherokee PTO Minutes

March 06, 2014


March 4, 2014

Present were : Brenda Waugh, Carol Denham, Melissa Jacobs, Katie Locke, Cara Kubler, Suzanne Renn, Mr. Martin, Rebecca Smith, and Elaine Humble.

Meeting was called to order at :  6:10pm

February minutes were read by Suzanne Renn .  Cara made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Melissa seconded.

Treasurer’s report presented by Elaine Humble.

Beginning balance was $5248.82

Ending balance was $5238.91

Committee Reports

  • Box tops:  Carol has submitted 1958 boxtops for reimbursement of $195.80.  She will check on Campbell labels and see if we can submit early due to reconfiguration of schools.
  • 9 Weeks Party:  Teachers will purchase items for party next week and submit for reimbursement.
  • Parent Teachers Conference:   Rebecca will bring pizza on Monday, March 10 and Katie will pick up sandwiches for Tuesday, March 11.  Will purchase food for Jr. High as well and PLP will split the cost.  Will order 10 pizzas for Monday and 4 subs from Rons for Tuesday.

Old Business:

  • Moving playground equipment from Cherokee to Weir.
    • Mr. Martin has been in contact with PSU Construction Engineering Dept. to move the playground equipment.  They are to come and evaluate the equipment and give estimate and options for moving.  Would like to have the equipment in Weir by beginning of next school year.  Also can get bid from Leisure Time for moving equipment if needed.  After we receive bid will need to decide how much we are willing to put towards the project and what we need to ask the BOE to help with.  Cherokee PTO has already spent an estimate of $30,000 to purchase the equipment, gravel, concrete, and supplies to pass inspection to ensure playground equipment safety.
  • Fruitoramma Fundraiser-
    •  Rebecca will send email to teachers to give all order forms and money to Carol by March 13th and Katie will pick up after school. Suzanne, Katie, and Elaine will meet at the school at 6:00pm to total and then Suzanne will turn order in to Fruitoramma on Friday.

New Business:

  • Dr. Seuss Day
    • Carol presented receipts for Dr. Seuss Day supplies K-3 for $95.94 and $65.25 for 4-6.  Elaine made a motion to reimburse Carol for the above amounts and Rebecca seconded.
  • Boxtop Incentives
    • Carol reported having approximately 600 pencils left with the wording “Good Work Cherokee Lancer” on each pencil.  She was questioning if this incentive will continue next year and if so do we continue to use the Cherokee Lancer pencils?  After discussion, we did not feel these pencils should be used as they should read “Southeast Lancers”.  Mr. Martin will check with BOE to see if they are willing to cover any of the cost for the remaining pencils for approx. $150.  It is possible these pencils can be used for state testing at the end of the year.  Carol present receipt for $6.99 for postage on boxtops.  Suzanne made a motion to reimburse her for this amount, Elaine seconded.
  • Carol presented information on pre-ordering Scholastic for next year, and how or who will be ordering for these new classes next year.  We do receive a discount if we preorder now.  She is going to contact Mrs. Hall in regards to how we handle the pre-ordering for next year.  Mr. Martin is going to speak with Mrs. Hall regarding this as well.
  • Summer Movie Tickets
    • We made a profit of $300 last year selling these and will table until next meeting to decide if we want to proceed with these again this year.
  • Katie made a motion to donate $100 for SEHS Senior scholarship- designating it go to a student from Cherokee Elementary.  Rebecca seconded.
  • Melissa made a motion to donate $25 to SE After-Prom.  Katie seconded.
  • Ideas for smoothing the transition for teachers and students were discussed.
    • Helping teachers pack and move
    • Providing each teacher with a different color of duct tape for packing.
  • PTO Officers and Principals (Cherokee, Weir, McCune, and PLP) March 24 at 6pm Labette Bank.
    • Incentives for boxtops
    • Scholastic News for classrooms
    • Playground update
    • Election of new officers
    • Scheduling event for K-4 at Weir and 5-6 at Cherokee this year

Suzanne made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:20.  Rebecca seconded.

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