Cherokee PTO Minutes – April 1, 2014 meeting

April Minutes

Submitted by PTO

April 25, 2014


April 1, 2014

Present were : Rebecca Smith, Suzanne Renn, Melissa Jacobs, Becky Martin, Elaine Humble, and Katie Locke.

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.

March minutes were read by Suzanne Renn.  Rebecca made a motion to approve minutes and Elaine seconded.

Treasurer’s report was given by Elaine Humble.  Suzanne made a motion to approve report and Melissa seconded.

Beginning balance was $5238.91.

Ending balance was $8609.67

Committee Reports

  • Box tops:  Presented check for $396.90.
  • 9 Weeks Party:  Receipts were presented for reimbursement;  Mrs. Denham $7.08, Mrs. Waugh $10.85, Mrs. Williams $15.00, and Mrs. Kubler $19.07.  Melissa made a motion to reimburse teachers for party supplies and Suzanne seconded.
  • Parent Teachers Conference:   Food was great and enjoyed by teachers.  Proud Lancer Parents will reimburse for half the food for $74.80.

Old Business:

  • Moving playground equipment from Cherokee to Weir-Mrs. Hall is working on this.
  • Fruitoramma Fundraiser-  Chuckie will be sending bill to Elaine.
  • Boxtop Incentives for next year-  We will continue to collect box tops and will wait until we are a joint PTO to purchase pencils for next year.
  • Scholastic for next year-  The pre-order has already been made for next year.
  • $100 donated to SEHS Senior Scholarship
  • $25 donated to After-Prom

New Business:

  • Summer Movie Tickets-  Suzanne made a motion to sell again this year, and Rebecca seconded.  Suzanne will pick-up tickets.
    • We made a profit of $300 last year selling
  • Ideas for smoothing the transition for teachers and students-  Had previously discussed providing duct tape for marking boxes for teachers, but the district will be supplying the tape at this point.
  • Field Day- Suzanne made a motion to provide water to students and teachers at field day and Rebecca seconded.  Suzanne will pick-up and bring to field day.
  • Back to School Bash-  We still want to provide this next year and will contact Mr. Martin and Mrs. Hall to schedule the events on different nights so families can make it to multiple locations.
  • There is a concern from some families who aren’t aware of the district changes that have been made and where their child will be going to school next year.  Suzanne will email Mr. Martin with this concern and encourage communication to parents about next year, including transportation concerns as well.
  • Rebecca made a motion to have an ice-cream party for all students K-6 as a reward for selling fruit and then do the wet sponge throwing at Mr. Martin at that time as well, for the students who met the requirements.  Elaine seconded.
  • Joint Meeting-  Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 6pm Labette Bank.

Suzanne made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15p.m.  Rebecca seconded.

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