Preschool Spring Update

When we think of the start of spring, we think about planting seeds, blossoming trees and blooming flowers. In USD #247 Preschool, we have been studying all of these things!

The students visited Greenbush the last week in March to study plants and seeds. We toured the simulated rainforest and discussed the differences between the tropical plants in the rainforest and the plants that we can grow in our Kansas climate. We donned our lab coats and studied the plant life cycle in the science lab and examined the parts of a plant up close. We ended our fieldtrip with a visit to the greenhouse to plant our very own marigold flower seeds!

We have continued our study of plants over the last two weeks in the classroom. We are learning what plants need to grow: soil, sun, clean air and water. In addition, we are learning that each part of a plant has an important job to do for the plant to grow!

Each preschooler planted their own bean seed in a clear cup, which will enable them to observe the root development and plant growth. We will continue to study the bean plants as they continue to grow over the upcoming weeks and graph the growth of the plants.

Another scientific discovery we made was how a stem works like “a straw” to draw water from a vase and distribute it up to the very top of the flower and out to the tips of the petals. We tinted the water in our vases a different color so we could watch the magic happen! Our white daisies turned green, yellow, red and blue in a matter of hours!

On our walks outside, we have noticed the buds on the trees and the flowers beginning to bloom. The birds have returned from their winter migration and are a delight to watch. These observations will be a nice transition into our next unit of study: What hatches from eggs? Check back with us next month to see what kind of fascinating things we have discovered from our egg study!

In the meantime, enjoy the longer days and spring weather!











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