Why does the district need money for all those things listed, such as dorms and new building sites?

Included in the official question is that the expenses could be used for the following:

“(3) housing and boarding pupils enrolled in an area vocational school operated under the board; (4) architectural expenses; (5) acquisition of building sites”

The ballot question must quote the law totally and therefore it lists all things that every district in Kansas might use capital outlay money for legally.

The district does not have and does not intend to fund most of the items on the list. The primary uses for Capital Outlay by USD 247 will be for the elementary tornado safe room, new school buses, handicap accessability, security and safety measures for all students and staff, band uniforms, etc.

USD 247 does not have a vocational school or intend to have one. Our students attend vocational classes just like other classes within Southeast High School or they attend vocational classes offered through junior colleges in Pittsburg and/or Columbus.

USD 247 has no intention to acquire building sites. The district is not building a new school anywhere. Our buildings were at 40% capacity before closure of a building and we are currently just below 100% capacity. Enrollment is projected to decline a few more years as 60+ students graduate and classes of 30 to 35 enter the school system.

A new school is not needed to hold our students.

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