Did USD 247 sell retired McCune Eagle uniforms to the McCune Alumni?

No. This past Spring staff found the uniforms and asked if they could be sold as a fundraiser for the PTO. School administrators gave the approval but the staff decided that logistically it would be difficult to do a sale. Instead, they asked if the uniforms could be given to the McCune Alumni in bulk, and again school administrators gave approval. The staff did suggest a donation be given to the PTO. We have been unable to confirm the exact amount, but it is believed the Alumni chose to give $100 to the PTO.

Posted with permission of Sandra Martini:

“It came to our (McCune teachers) attention that there were a lot of old high school and junior high uniforms stored in a closet. We had a few ideas including giving them to the kids at school. We also thought we could sell them as a fundraiser and asked for permission to do that. As we took them out of the boxes and sorted them, we realized it would be a logistical nightmare to try and sell them through the school. People would be coming in and out and we really didn’t know how to settle on a price. We just knew we wanted them to go to the community. We finally called the alumni association because they could get the uniforms to the people that wanted them. We suggested the alumni association give a donation to the PTO because selling them was what we had originally asked to do. I believe they did give a donation. I was glad to see them available at the McCune Fall Festival for a donation to the alumni association.”

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