Southeast Elementary celebrates reading (with Photo Gallery)

Unofficially, it’s book week at Southeast Elementary School. Not only is the school holding its Book Fair, they are also rewarding students who have reached their Reading Counts by taking them bowling at Holiday Lanes in Pittsburg.

“In 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades they earn points through reading so many books,” said Principal Tammie Hall. Kindergarten and 1st grade, we just celebrate reading as their teacher reads to them and the kids are starting to learn so we just all talk about the celebration of reading.”

“The bowling alley is very good to us – they let the kids bowl for free and then they get a treat purchased by PTO and Carnival funds,” said Principal Hall. “I just encourage kids to read because it unlocks the world.”

While Santa visited the Book Fair on Tuesday night, the Book Fair itself will continue at Southeast Elementary School on Thursday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (December 11 and 12).

IMG_2865 (Medium)

IMG_2867 (Medium)

IMG_2888 (Medium)

IMG_2890 (Medium)

IMG_2894 (Medium)

IMG_2896 (Medium)

IMG_2903 (Medium)

IMG_2906 (Medium)

IMG_2915 (Medium)

IMG_2916 (Medium)

IMG_2917 (Medium)

IMG_2922 (Medium)

IMG_2928 (Medium)

IMG_2930 (Medium)

IMG_2934 (Medium)

IMG_2943 (Medium)

IMG_2947 (Medium)

IMG_2950 (Medium)

IMG_2953 (Medium)

IMG_2954 (Medium)

IMG_2957 (Medium)

IMG_2959 (Medium)

IMG_2960 (Medium)

IMG_2961 (Medium)

IMG_2963 (Medium)

IMG_2965 (Medium)

IMG_2976 (Medium)

IMG_2978 (Medium)

IMG_2982 (Medium)

IMG_2983 (Medium)

IMG_2986 (Medium)

IMG_2989 (Medium)

IMG_2991 (Medium)

IMG_2997 (Medium)

IMG_3002 (Medium)

IMG_3006 (Medium)

IMG_3007 (Medium)

IMG_3008 (Medium)

IMG_3010 (Medium)

IMG_3013 (Medium)

IMG_3015 (Medium)

IMG_3021 (Medium)

IMG_3024 (Medium)

IMG_3026 (Medium)

IMG_3033 (Medium)

IMG_3041 (Medium)

IMG_3044 (Medium)

IMG_3047 (Medium)

IMG_3050 (Medium)

IMG_3052 (Medium)

IMG_3056 (Medium)

IMG_3059 (Medium)

IMG_3062 (Medium)

IMG_3066 (Medium)

IMG_3067 (Medium)

IMG_3070 (Medium)

IMG_3072 (Medium)

IMG_3074 (Medium)

IMG_3076 (Medium)

IMG_3077 (Medium)

IMG_3080 (Medium)

IMG_3081 (Medium)

IMG_3083 (Medium)

IMG_3087 (Medium)

IMG_3088 (Medium)

IMG_3089 (Medium)

IMG_3090 (Medium)

IMG_3091 (Medium)

IMG_3094 (Medium)

IMG_3098 (Medium)

IMG_3100 (Medium)

IMG_3102 (Medium)

IMG_3106 (Medium)

IMG_3108 (Medium)

IMG_3110 (Medium)

IMG_3113 (Medium)

IMG_3114 (Medium)

IMG_3115 (Medium)

IMG_3119 (Medium)

IMG_3120 (Medium)

IMG_3800 (Medium)

IMG_3803 (Medium)

IMG_3804 (Medium)

IMG_3805 (Medium)

IMG_3807 (Medium)

IMG_3809 (Medium)

IMG_3810 (Medium)

IMG_3811 (Medium)

IMG_3814 (Medium)

IMG_3815 (Medium)

IMG_3817 (Medium)

IMG_3819 (Medium)

IMG_3821 (Medium)

IMG_3824 (Medium)

IMG_3825 (Medium)

IMG_3827 (Medium)

IMG_3828 (Medium)

IMG_3830 (Medium)

IMG_3833 (Medium)

IMG_3838 (Medium)

IMG_3840 (Medium)

IMG_3843 (Medium)

IMG_3846 (Medium)

IMG_3847 (Medium)

IMG_3849 (Medium)

IMG_3855 (Medium)

IMG_3856 (Medium)

IMG_3857 (Medium)

IMG_3859 (Medium)

IMG_3860 (Medium)

IMG_3863 (Medium)

IMG_3865 (Medium)

IMG_3868 (Medium)

IMG_3871 (Medium)

IMG_3879 (Medium)

IMG_3884 (Medium)

IMG_3887 (Medium)

IMG_3888 (Medium)

IMG_3893 (Medium)

IMG_3899 (Medium)

IMG_3900 (Medium)

IMG_3904 (Medium)

IMG_3906 (Medium)

IMG_3908 (Medium)

IMG_3910 (Medium)

IMG_3916 (Medium)

IMG_3917 (Medium)

IMG_3919 (Medium)

IMG_3921 (Medium)

IMG_3923 (Medium)

IMG_3924 (Medium)

IMG_3925 (Medium)

IMG_3929 (Medium)

IMG_3932 (Medium)

IMG_3933 (Medium)

IMG_3934 (Medium)

IMG_3938 (Medium)

IMG_3939 (Medium)

IMG_3940 (Medium)

IMG_3943 (Medium)

IMG_3948 (Medium)

IMG_3952 (Medium)

IMG_3958 (Medium)

IMG_3962 (Medium)

IMG_3968 (Medium)

IMG_3969 (Medium)

IMG_3971 (Medium)

IMG_3972 (Medium)

IMG_3975 (Medium)

IMG_3977 (Medium)

IMG_3981 (Medium)

IMG_3984 (Medium)

IMG_3986 (Medium)

IMG_3989 (Medium)

IMG_3992 (Medium)

IMG_4055 (Medium)

IMG_4060 (Medium)

IMG_4062 (Medium)

IMG_4064 (Medium)

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