Southeast K-5 students participate in Body Venture (with photo gallery)

Learning healthy lifestyles is the primary focus of Body Venture, a traveling exhibit that visits elementary schools throughout Kansas. On Wednesday, nearly 200 children from Southeast Elementary School and Southeast Junior High School had a firsthand look at how to make healthy choices and remain healthy throughout their lives.

Body Venture is developed by Children Nutrition & Wellness of the Kansas State Department of Education and features an eleven-stop tour of the body of the brain, through the mouth, stomach, small intestine, then hearts, lungs, bones, muscles and skin.

The exhibit was set up in the west gym at Southeast High School and the presenters were students from Sara Sutton’s Pharmacology and Anatomy & Physiology classes.

“Anytime any of our students have the opportunity to speak in public or to a crowd, even if it is elementary students, it’s allowing them to gain skills that are needed in the work force,” said Mrs Sutton. “These students that were working, are or have been students of mine in upper level life science classes so they knew some of the content but the chance to teach and speak to others is just, if not more important in the long run. They really enjoyed the opportunity and had a great time today.”

“I thought it went really well, I think the kids learned a lot honestly,” said senior Maggie Renn. “I enjoyed them. I wanted to walk through personally.”

“It was very hands on and interactive and I think that was very good for them,” said senior Ashton Coltrane. “I remember it. We were always looking forward this when I was in elementary school.”

Organizers say the Body Venture has been traveling the state of Kansas for seven or eight years. Prior to that a similar exhibit, called the Body Walk, traveled the state for another seven or eight years.

The photos below are courtesy of USD 247 Southeast.

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