SES PTO Minutes from February 3 meeting


February 3, 2015

Present were Dorothy Smith, Whitney McCready, Joyce Fox, Suzanne Renn, Tina Westbay, Jennifer Hutton, Jenna Pritchett, Carol Denham, Cara Kubler, Tammie Hall, and Katie Locke.

Meeting was called to order by Dorothy Smith at 6:03p.m.

January Minutes were read by Suzanne Renn.  Cara made a motion to approve and Joyce seconded.

Treasurer’s report was prepared by Elaine Humble.

Beginning balance-$9,519.25

Ending balance-$8,139.41

Suzanne made a motion to approve and Dorothy seconded.



  • Spring Fundraiser
  • Mike (620-249-1093) with Fundraising Works presented his Spring Fundraising Book and would like to run sales from Feb. 19-Mar. 5. He would then pick up order forms from the school on 3-11-15 and pick-up at the school would be from 3:30-5:30 on March 25.  He does offer the Big Bash Party with the money machine for students who sell 14 items or meet criteria for the family plan.  PTO would be responsible for half of the cost for insurance.  He is offering 45% profit on cookie dough and 40% on other products.
    • Red Wheel- Dorothy presented information from Red Wheel fundraiser. Jennifer will contact them in regards to offering a party similar to the Big Bash party.  They offer up to 45% profit dependent on the amount of items sold.
    • Jennifer Hutton volunteered to be in charge of the spring fundraiser and will be in contact with both companies to get final details and will discuss with the board after that.
    • Joyce made a motion for the officers and Jennifer to vote on the fundraiser after gathering all information. Katie seconded.
    • Once a plan is developed for fundraising will send the appropriate dates to Chris Wilson to send RED alerts.
    • Teachers will collect the money and orders from students and do an initial check for correct money and then PTO will do a second check.
    • Need to deposit all checks prior to delivery of items to ensure the checks clear the bank before items are distributed.
    • Joyce made a motion for the purpose of fundraising is for playground upgrades. Suzanne seconded.
    • Hall will check on ground work that needs to be done for playground equipment.
  • T-Shirts
    • Design for next year- table until March meeting.
  • Parent Teacher Conference Food
    • Dorothy made a motion to purchase meat trays for conferences, Suzanne seconded.
    • Whitney will pick up meat tray and chips on Monday, March 9th.
    • Parents can send food as well
    • Teachers will have a sign-up for food
    • Cara will check the PTO closet and replenish with plates or silverware if needed, and PTO will reimburse.
  • School Directory
    • Is complete and will be disbursed this week one per family.
  • Seuss Day
    • Suzanne made a motion to donate up to $200 for Dr. Seuss Day with Mrs. Hall consulting with teachers to develop a plan for that day and spend the money on supplies and food needed for it. Joyce seconded.
  • After-Prom
    • Jenna made a motion to donate $75 to After Prom. Whitney seconded.
  • SHS Scholarship
    • SES PTO will provide two $250 scholarships to seniors-one girl and one boy and they must meet the following criteria.
      • Have gone to USD #247 from K-12th
      • Be enrolled in secondary education and provide proof of that to receive money in fall.
      • Write a one page essay on “What impact has USD#247 had on your education and what are your future plans after graduation”?
    • These essays will come to PTO without a name to be reviewed and PTO will choose one boy and one girl.
    • There will be a check box for if your parent(s) were active in PTO. However, this will only be used in the event of a tie- not as an initial deciding factor.
    • Joyce made a motion to approve the guidelines and Whitney seconded.

Joyce made a motion to adjourn meeting at 7:20p.m. and Jennifer seconded.

# # #

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