Junior High Forensics Posts First Wins of Season


Junior high students from Southeast, Pittsburg, and Colgan competed at their very own forensics tournament on Friday, February 13. Southeast High School hosted the three-school tournament. Four Southeast Junior High School students competed, and all walked home with at least one medal for their efforts.

Brooke Span and Candice LeMaster placed 6th in Duet Acting. Candice added to that with a 4th place finish in Oral Interpretation of Literature. Brody Newswander ended in 4th place in the same category. Peyton Simpson won 1st place overall.

This is the second year in a row we’ve given junior high students the opportunity to compete in their own forensics tournaments. Last year it was just our district partnering with Pittsburg Middle School. This year, however, Colgan has joined us, which makes the experience that much richer for the kids. Not only does it raise the level of competition, it also gives students the chance to build friendships with kids from other schools. We won’t have another tournament until after spring break, but I’m already looking forward to seeing what these kids can do the next time they compete.

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