3-D Pop Up Archery shoot fundraiser for SHS Archery and SHS Softball

The Southeast Archery Club and Softball Team are co-hosting a 3-D Pop Up Archery Shoot on March 21 at Southeast High School.

“I’m planning on this to be an annual event that brings family, friends, and hunting buddies together for a day of enjoyment – and earn bragging rights and show off their skills,” sponsor Mike Bowman said. “With turkey season around the corner this gives archers a chance to touch up with the opportunity to win some nice awards.”

The contest will be Saturday March 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – come early and register the day of the event. It will be at Southeast High School and if there is inclement weather the shoot will moved inside.

$20 gets competitors 4 rounds to shoot at the pop up 3-D targets, which will be placed 10 to 40 yards away and are operated by FS Archery. There are three divisions with prizes awarded to the top two in each division. Youth (15 and under) – 1st place is a Quest Turkey Hunt; and, 2nd place is a $50 gift certificate to Team Threads. Ladies – 1st place is a $100 gift certificate to Outback Archery; and, 2nd place is a $50 gift certificate to Team Threads. Mens – 1st place is a European Mount by The Outdoors Indoors; and, 2nd place is a $50 gift certificate to Team Threads. There are also chances to win a 2015 Hoyt Charger Bow and Barnett Recruit Crossbow.

There will also be unlimited $5 fun/practice rounds.

Proceeds benefit the Southeast High School Archery Club and Lancers Softball Team.

Sponsors are Classic Portraits, FS Archery, Labette Bank, Outback Archery, The Outdoors Indoors and Team Threads.

For more information contact Mike Bowman at 620-762-0384.

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