Southeast students participate in CrawKan Cube Crash Course

CrawKan held its inaugural CrawKan Cube Crash Course on Monday, September 28. CrawKan provides area schools equipment and in return the schools send CrawKan videos to be shown on The Cube.

“CrawKan is a technology leader in our community so it only makes sense that we partner with them for video productions and TSA,” said Southeast TSA Adviser Brad Coots. “They have supported us in more ways than I can count.”

Tuesday’s workshop brought in area schools that participate in the CUBE project to go through the process of planning, creating and uploading a video.

Southeast has been a partner with CrawKan and sent seven students to the workshop: Kalyn Bitner, Caleb Fenimore, Erin Horgan, Chandler Jackson, Colton Paasch, Bryson Spahn and Caleb Thompson.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Coots.

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