Nature Reach visits Southeast Elementary

Thanks to Deila Lister of the PSU Nature Reach for bringing several raptors to Southeast Elementary School on Friday. Say “raptor” to a group of elementary age students and several of them immediately think of dinosaurs as in the movie “Jurassic Park”. Mrs. Lister said she didn’t have any dinosaurs with her but there is proof that some dinosaurs did have feathers like modern day birds.

Students were taught how to tell the difference between a couple of different types of owls. The hoot of the Barred Owl sounds like “who cooks for you all” while a Barn Owl sounds more like a screeching person.

Students were also shown a Harris Hawk, which can fly up to 50 miles per hour when chasing prey. The Harris Hawk shown by Mrs. Lister “growled” at students when they got too close to students.

“She thinks she’s queen of the room and we’re in her space,” Lister explained.

She said the Harris Hawk is native the desert of the Southwest, has tough claws so she can sit on cacti, and hunches over so that other hawks can sit on her back.

Mrs. Lister reminded students that if they see a bird on the ground they should either leave it alone or have an adult return the bird to its nest or put it in a small open box near the nest.

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