Southeast takes 3rd overall at 2016 Great Gorilla Games

Southeast took 3rd place as a school in Tuesday’s Great Gorilla Games at Pittsburg State University.  The teams that took 1st and 2nd place had 91 and 71 students competing.  Southeast only took 28, but left with four 3rd place finishes, three 2nd place finishes, and six 1st place finishes to take 3rd place overall.

“Our small group of TSA and SkillsUSA students did a great job of representing our school district today,” said Southeast TSA chapter coach Brad Coots.

Southeast results from the Great Gorilla Games held April 12, 2016 at Pittsburg State University:

Overall as a school – 3rd place.

  • Aerodome Relay – Taylor Beckley and Kyler Spahn – 3rd place.
  • Amazing Gorilla Race – Caleb Fenimore, Austin Hunt, Colton Paasch and Caleb Thompson – 1st place.
  • CO2 Car – John Jameson – 1st place.
  • Manufacturing – Joey Friemel, John Jameson, Eric Underwood, Brody Wood and Jake Wyckoff – 1st place.
  • Quadracopter Obstacle Course – Kyler Spahn – 3rd place.
  • Quadracopter Transfer – Taylor Beckley and Kyler Spahn – 2nd place.
  • Remote Control Robotics – Jake Burns & Ryan Gath – 1st place.
  • Robotics Obstacle Course – Jake Burns & Ryan Gath – 2nd place.
  • Search & Rescue Robotics – Ryan Gath – 1st place.
  • Skyscrapers Tower – Zach Jones, Kegan Leftwich, Chad Lewis and Eli Newport – 1st place.
  • Video Production – Bryson Spahn and Dylan Wilson – 3rd place.
  • Web Design – Zoey Ball and Hannah Williams – 3rd place.
  • Woodworking – Jake Wyckoff – 2nd place.
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