Last day of school is December 15. School resumes on January 3. Have a great Holiday!

SHS Lancer Pride students recognized

Thirteen SHS students were named to the Lancer Pride 2nd Semester honors – ten of those received honors for the full year. Lancer Pride recognizes students for academic achievement, school participation, attendance and citizenship.

Throughout the school year students who meet the Lancer Pride criteria for the month are permitted to leave for lunch early on designated days and may attend all SHS athletic events during that month for free. Students who meet the Lancer Pride criteria for a full semester are randomly chosen to win prizes, and students who meet the criteria for the full school year are also randomly chosen to win prizes.

This year, Saydi Sullivan was the first name drawn and she chose the most valuable prize, a device speaker/amplifier.

Underclassmen named to the Lancer Pride 2nd Semester or Full year – back row, left to right: Katura Amershek, Saydi Sullivan, Eric Underwood, Laura Ridings, Travis Myrick and John Jameson; and, front row, left to right: Alaina Martinie, Brett Malle, Daria Stricklin, Sarah Clausen, Daisy Burns, Cady Lloyd and Starla Wiggans.

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