KRR visits Osage Mission in St Paul

The Southeast Outback Survival Kansas Reading Roadmap campers visited the Osage Mission-NCOC Museum today in St. Paul. They learned a little about the Osage Indians, the start of the Mission in 1847, early settlers in the area, and much more. They got to see a log cabin, a one room schoolhouse and a quick tour of St Francis Church.

Students were in awe of how much work it took to do something as simple as washing laundry, and even tried out a game from the pre-smartphone era… swinging a horseshoe onto a hook. Those who were asked if they’d give up their computers for an old fashioned chalk-slate board, all said they’d rather keep their technology, but they all thought it was still cool to see how their grand parents/great-grandparents went to school.

Afterward, the campers went to Girard to eat lunch and play at one of the parks.

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