Family Fun Day at SE STEM summer program

Thursday was the last day for the Southeast STEM summer camp to be at SHS all day so they had what has become an annual Family Fun Day. (Friday the kids go to Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City).

Students showed off several of the projects they did and had several competitions. After losing to Lilly Chrysler last year, Jakob Tavernaro came away this year’s winner in the CO2 Car Race.

There was an egg “toss” (turned into an “egg war”), Rowdy King and Kate Holsinger dissected a Dog Shark, Brayten Bennett and Tavernaro helped William Chrysler and some parents make Elephant Toothpaste, and the day finished off with the 2nd annual Paint War.

At the end of the day the kids presented Camp Coordinator Charity Chrysler with an Awesomeness Award and a group hug.

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