FREE basic school supply packets available at enrollment

Once again the First Baptist Church of Cherokee spearheaded an effort to collect supplies and donations to provide every Southeast student with a basic pack of school supplies. These packets will be given out at USD 247 Southeast enrollment on August 9 and 10.

Packets are broken up as follows for EACH STUDENT within that grade (NOTE: Items collected have been based on teacher input):

  • Preschool: 7 pencils, 2 boxes of 8 count Crayons, 2 large glue sticks and a composition notebook.
  • Kindergarten: 7 pencils, 2 boxes of 8 count Crayons, 2 large glue sticks, and a folder.
  • 1st-4th Grades: 7 pencils/erasers, 24 count Crayons, spiral notebook, wide-rule paper, folder, big eraser and a ruler.
  • 5th-8th Grades: 7 pencils/erasers, 1 glue stick, a spiral notebook, wide-rule paper, a folder, 1 blue/black ink pen and 1 red ink pen.
  • High School: a spiral notebook, wide/college rule paper, 2 blue/black ink pens and 3 mechanical pencils.
  • Autism Room: 10-count package of markers and construction paper.

Thank you to everyone who gave and spent their time to make this happen!


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