SES PTO Minutes – September 2016


September 6th, 2016

Present: Tammy Hall, Dustin McMinn, Lynsey McMinn, Cyndee Martin, Elaine Humble, Katie Locke, Carla Lewis, Jackie Scott, Brenique Brown, Jenny Lynch, Mandy Collingsworth and Joyce Fox.

Tammy Hall called the meeting to order at 6:05.

August minutes were read by Katie Locke. Elaine Humble motioned to approve and accept minutes. Mandy Collingsworth second.

Treasurers report read by Elaine Humble.
Beginning balance was $9,178.27
Ending balance was $7,999.61
Saving account balance of $4.36

-$255.31 was used to purchase food for Back to School Bash and $185.64 was used to purchase prizes. For a total spent of $460.95. PTO collected $263. For a total expense of $197.95.

-$3000 was given to USD 247 for the playground

-$850 was given to teachers ($50 each) to purchase classroom supplies.

Jackie Scott motioned to accept and approve treasurers report and Cyndee Martin second.

Old Business

Tammy Hall is waiting for a call for delivery of carport for shade.

New Business

Cherokee Homecoming-
Will be selling pop and water on Saturday, September 10th from 9:30-Noon. Elaine will purchase water and ice.

T-shirts and other items-
Dustin and Lynsey McMinn recommended a company that can make a variety of products with multiple brands to choose from. Katie Locke will get the company information and look into it.

School Carnival-
Discussed adding chili, chili dogs, and frito chili pies to the menu. Will finalize next month, along with volunteers.

Thank you cards from teachers-
Joyce Fox Cyndee Martin Carla Lewis
Cara Kubler Colleen Lacher

Dustin McMinn made a motion to adjourn meeting at 6:55. Jenny Lynch second.

Next PTO meeting will be Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 in Cyndee Martin’s room.

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