Southeast Elementary PTO Minutes – January 10, 2017


January 10, 2017

Present: Dorothy Smith, Colleen Lacher, Becky Martin, Tammy Hall, Katie Locke, Jackie Scott, Elaine Humble.

Dorothy Smith called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

November 2016 minutes were reviewed and Colleen moved to approve the minutes, with Jackie Scott seconding.

Treasurers Report

Beginning checking balance: $6601.79.

Ending checking balance: $5497.73.

Savings Account balance: $5.19.

Katie Locke moved to approve the treasurer’s report and Dorothy Smith seconded.

Old Business

T-shirt report – Jackie Scott will bring remaining t-shirt samples to the office for display and for sale.

Carnival – PTO concession stand profit: $800 in donations and $501.86 from food sales.

Book fair report:  $2591.59 in total sales, $1423.87 check written to Scholastic, $1295.88 Scholastic dollars gained and $1129.33 given to SES students and teachers.  The book fair will be moved to October 2017, with opening dates the Wednesday before parent/teacher conferences.

New Business

Another t-shirt order was discussed for the spring of 2017.  Colleen moved to have another order in the spring and Becky seconded.  We will have order forms out in March and will be due before spring break, with possible changes to spring items (shorts, etc).

Fundraiser – We discussed the need for another fundraiser with possibly purchasing safety equipment for each classroom door or more playground equipment.  Mrs. Hall will look into door safety equipment and discuss with Mr. Minor the need for this and possibly any grants available.

All PTO members will gather fundraiser ideas for our next meeting and Mrs. Hall will ask teachers for any ideas of teacher or school needs.

Dr. Suess Day – Katie moved PTO give $200 towards Dr. Suess Day celebration and Dorothy seconded.

Next PTO meeting will be held Tuesday, February 7, 2017 in Mrs. Cindy Martin’s room.

Becky Martin moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:45 and Jackie Scott seconded.

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