SE students visit Art Festival

Five Southeast students visited an Art Festival for area Interlocal gifted students hosted by Labette County High School on Monday February 6, 2017.

“It consisted of different art stations where the kids were shown examples of different art types and was taught by high school art students on how to make a piece of art for that station,” Mr. Brad Johnson said. “There was bubble art, wire sculptures, diversity bowls made for yarn, costume design, styro printing, & deceptive geometric drawings.”

Joining Mr. Johnson were 7th grader Madison Warner, 3rd grader Lyla Oehme, 7th grader Katelyn Coble, 5th grader Lane Jameson, and 7th grader Clayton Myers.

“What they enjoyed the most was the fashion show, wire sculptures, & deceptive geometric drawings,” Mr. Johnson said. “I thought the wire sculptures was the neatest. All of these got them to think outside the box.”


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