Southeast’s State HOSA results

While no Southeast Future Health Professional (HOSA) members qualified for Nationals, members of the young chapter are excited with how they did and are already looking forward toward the future.

Junior Sydney Nippoldt took 2nd place and junior Cady Lloyd took 4th in Healthcare exam. Unlike other CTE student organizations, HOSA national qualifications are based on overall scoring nationwide, not state ranking. Nippoldt missed qualifying for Nationals by one point.

Freshmen Allison Gardner and Emily Grant took 1st in CERT Skills Preparation at State, but also fell just short of qualifying for Nationals.

“The freshmen were six points away from Nationals,” said Southeast chapter reporter Alli Markley. “They went into it not really knowing what to expect, and so now, as sophomores-juniors-seniors, they’ll know exactly what they’re going into so that’ll be good.”

Junior Caitlin Low took 4th in Knowledge Tests: Human Growth & Development; junior Alli Markley took 7th in Healthcare Issues Exam; sophomore Jessie Jenkins took 9th in Dental Terminology; and, senior Ryley Slifka placed 22nd in Medical Terminology.

“I am very proud of these girls this year,” said Southeast HOSA sponsor Jessica Mayfield. “With HOSA requiring a top 3 state ranking as well as meeting a national cut score, it makes it that much more difficult getting into Nationals. A student can rank in the top 3 at State, but if they do not make the cut score on their exams they are invited to compete at the International Leadership Conference. I look forward to working with these girls next year and I expect great things from them.”

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