SJH First Day of School Amazing Race

August 23rd, 2017, was the first day of school at Southeast Junior High.  SJH has a theme this year from the hit show, The Amazing Race.  There was a small competition held among the classes, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th.  The events included the inchworm race, hula hooping, Pickleball bounce, and a sled race.  At the end of the competition each class won at least one event.  ~Blayn Renn 8th Grade

To kickoff for the beginning of the school year, the SJH students competed in the Amazing Race.  Students from each grade were picked to compete against each other in different games.  The first competition was the Inchworm Race.  One person on a team was to get inside of a sleeping bag head first and “inch” their way to the end of the line where they would switch places with another teammate waiting for them to “inch” back.  The fifth grade pulled in first for the race.  Nate Jacobs saved the eighth grade from a last place finish by rolling to the end of the line, barely beating the sixth grade.  The next game was a hula-hooping contest.  Most of the contestants dropped their hula-hoop within seconds, but it was a close tie at the end between sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  Cooper Hamblin pulled through by hula-hooping on one leg the longest securing the win for the eighth grade.  Up next was the Pickleball competition where students had to repeatedly hit a Pickleball up in the air with their paddle.  Whoever kept the ball going the longest won.  The competition lasted only seconds though because pretty much everyone had dropped their ball right off.  Through all of the chaos of Pickleballs flying though Brayten Bennett kept his Pickleball going the longest, and the eighth grade won.  The last competition was the sled race.  There were two teams consisting of one fifth and eighth grade team against a seventh and sixth grade team.  One person from each team was to run to the half court line with a rope and a mat, sit on the mat, and have their team pull them back using the rope.  Some of the students had trouble holding on to the rope while running to the line, and some had trouble staying on their mat and were pulled off and dragged by their teammates.  The team of sixth and seventh graders managed to win that race.  All in all the eighth graders won two races while the other grades each won one in the Amazing Race.  ~Madison Warner 8th Grade 


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