And The Winner IS……….

Brenda Waugh, second grade teacher at Southeast Elementary School, was announced as the winner of the bulletin board Facebook contest.  Mrs. Waugh’s bulletin board entitled “Totally KOALA-fied for 2nd Grade” received 60 “Likes.”  Mrs. Waugh was presented with a gift certificate to Jim’s Steakhouse.  Dr. Miner was so impressed with all of the bulletin boards throughout the district that he wanted everyone to see the creativity and pride that teachers take in making the hallways and classrooms a great environment for students.  According to Mrs. Waugh, the bulletin boards brighten up the halls and get kids motivated.  She says she gets a lot of ideas from Pintrest and generally displays a new board about once a month.  Mrs. Hall, principal, commented on how all teachers do an outstanding job all year long to create a great atmosphere for students.  Other bulletin board favorites included two created by Mrs. Denham with 46 “Likes” for “Be the reason someone smiles today” and 36 “Likes” for “Back for Smore Learning.”IMG_1725


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