2nd Grade Field Trip

Last week, 2nd Grade students from SES spent a fun-filled day in Pittsburg.  First stop was Walmart Supercenter.  Students went on a tour behind the scenes to see what associates do every day.  At the end they did a Walmart cheer and were given cookies.  Second stop was Lakeside Park.  Students enjoyed playing on the playground, exploring the lake looking for rocks, feathers, and animals.  They even found a goose egg hidden in a nest inside a hole in a tree and two baby geese swimming with their mother.  They enjoyed a picnic lunch with personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut, using their Book It! coupons.  Next stop was PSU’s Nature Reach.  Delia gave a wonderful presentation on many different groups of animals and let students ask questions.  Students were able to look at many kinds of animals, and even touch some.  Two students even 20180502_09301620180502_093754

20180502_10001520180502_10230820180502_10242120180502_102708.jpg20180502_105007.jpg20180502_121122.jpg20180502_121134.jpg20180502_132604.jpg20180502_134313.jpg20180502_134325.jpg20180502_134347.jpg20180502_134442.jpg20180502_134453.jpgheld a milk snake!  Last stop was Braums, where students used coupons they earned from reading books for an ice cream treat.  Students and teachers had a wonderful day.

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