Junior High League Volleyball Tournament

The Junior High Volleyball team will be hosting the TRL League Volleyball Tournament this Saturday the 13th, beginning at 9:00 am. Come out and support the Lady Lancers!

A lone white volleyball sitting on a wooden floor

Volleyball on Wood Floor

Pool Play

Pool A: West Gym

9:00 am Uniontown vs Southeast

10:00 am Uniontown vs Pleasanton

11:00 am Pleasanton vs Southeast

Pool B: Court 1

9:00 am Northeast vs Oswego

10:00 am Oswego vs Marmaton Valley

11:00 am Northeast vs Marmaton Valley

Pool C: Court 2

9:00 am Colony Crest vs Jayhawk Linn

10:00 am Colony Crest vs Yates Center

11:00 am Jayhawk Linn vs Yates Center


***We will take a 30 minute break to figure scores for bracket play and for athletes to have time to eat if needed. Bracket play to follow immediately on all courts.


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