Update on Cross Country Regional Information


Attached is a map of the access to Dam Site North Area at John Redmond Lake. To say the lake is high is an understatement. With the lake up we have lost a great deal of parking area so we having to make some alternative arrangements.


The only access into the park will be on the north – just south of New Strawn (Lake Rd / 16th Rd) All other entrances including access across the dam will be closed. Coffey County Sheriff’s department will be guiding traffic at the intersection of Lake Rd. and Embankment Road – team and spectator access only.


Buses will drop off teams at the intersection of Embankment Road and Park Entrance then proceed down park access road towards Riverside East park on the backside of the Dam to Parking area marked.  Should space run out in that parking area, buses may park on 15th Road or inside Riverside East campground.


Spectator parking will be at a premium – Parking along Embankment road and along dam and extending up Embankment Road to 16th / Lake Road Intersection. Handicap Parking is available inside Dam Site North near bath house but it will be limited as well. If overflow parking is needed it will be on the East side of Access road on the backside of the dam and in Riverside East Campground.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may create but circumstances aren’t what we expected.


  • We are expected to have some early morning showers – this is going to create additional moisture on saturated ground. The course was dry in most areas this afternoon but additional rainfall may change that. We are asking that any team wishing to preview the course on Friday to only walk the course – no training or running on the course to preserve the integrity of the course for Saturday.


Other Items:


  • With the parking situation and traffic being an issue we have decided to do all medal presentations at the conclusion of the 2A races. 3A teams I apologize for having you stick around but with a couple of changes in the course due to construction and water levels the presentation area will be too congested to complete medal and team recognition without overflowing onto the course during the 2A races.
  • Chute assignments will be on your packets when you arrive. Please make sure you turn in uniform cards when you arrive.
  • Mike Kastle will be our starter for all races
  • We will have a lead and trail vehicle for all races
  • Course marshals will be placed throughout the course – Course is marked well and roped/flagged in areas that could be cut to shorten course.
  • Finish line area will be closed off from spectators to protect runners and timing personnel. Please respect these areas and do not cross.
  • Please review uniform regulations with all participants – I don’t want to have a disqualification on a uniform violation.
  • Temperatures and weather look good for Saturday – LET’S HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY
  • We will have Coffey County EMS on-site if needed.


Again we apologize for some of the inconveniences that the excess rain has created. However, the course should be in good shape and fast for all competitors.



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