Regional Playoff Preview and Defensive Stats from Osage City Playoff Game.

Sek-Sports Preview

Highlights vs Osage City

Tackles/ Fumble Recoveries / Interceptions and Sacks

Cash Windsor-1

Jakob Tavernaro-8 and INT

Bryce Peterson- 10 and INT

Reece Jacobs- 6 and Forced Fumble and Sack

Ty Cummins- 7

Mich Uber- 8 Forced Fumble and 2 sacks

Gage Oplotnik- 11

Blaise Prewitt- 11

Zaden Hendricks-2 and Forced Fumble

Kyron Applegate- 5

Brandon Favuzzi- 4

Cullen Mutz-1

Garrett Evans-5

Cooper Hamblin-1

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