2019 Track Season in Review

2019 Track Season in Review

TRL Champions back to back
3rd Place– Some Athletes missing

The 2019 season was a successful one. The Girls won the league title for  the second year in a row; after finishing 2nd in the CNC two years in a row. The Boys team finished 3rd ,the highest finish since 2001. We had 6 athletes qualify for state in 9 events. Jaret Brumback finished 3rd in 300mh  hurdles at state. Jaret was also ranked 1st all year in the 110mh, finished with the 4th fastest time in the state, in all classes, in the 110mh. He  set a school record of 14.47. He was also recruited by 6 MIAA schools and several NAIA and Jucos.

This year was a little different being all spread out. Several Atheltes went to Girard every day to run hurdles etc, while others stayed at Southeast and came to Girard sometimes. These seniors will be missed. Several  of them practiced weekends.  Four of the seniors came out all 4 years ( Jaret Brumback, Jessie Jenkins, Sailor Jackson, and Saydi Sullivan)  one came out 3 years ( Trenton Hartman) one came out one year( Julie Martin). They all came to practice, worked hard, were great to be around, and performed in meets.

State Track Meet Results

This year’s track meet made history with several weather delays and it lasting until Sunday. Also, the largest crowd in history of 30,000 people. The state meet had ups and downs, everybody performed their best, and represented Southeast with class.

Jaret Brumback– 3rd — 300 Mh

Jaret Brumback -110mh- fell over 7th Hurdle/ Ranked 1st in 2A all year. 4th fastest time in the  state all classes. 14.47

Saydi Sullivan–300mh- PR- 51.33–11th

Saydi Sullivan-100 mh–12th

Jessie Jenkins-3200- 16th

Sailor Jackson– Jav- 12th

Sailor Jackson– Pole Vault -DNS

Hunter Newcomb-Pole Vault–12th

Matthew Martinie– 200- 16th- Only freshman in all classes to qualify in 200.

Regional Results

Regionals took place in Marion, KS. It was very windy and a long drive. The athletes performed well and did their best. Six kids qualifyed for State in 9 events. Jessie Jenkins qualified in the 3200 for the 4th year. Jaret Brumback won regionals with a 14.47; qualified in the 110mh for the 3rd year , medaling last year, had  a new school record, and 4th fastest time in the state all classes.  We had 5 of top 8 kids in 2A in our regional in the 110mh. He also qualified in the 300mh. Hunter Newcomb qualified in PV, Saydi Sullivan in the 100mh and 300mh, her 3rd year qualifying in the 300mh. Sailor Jackson qualified in jav and PV for the 3rd year. She medaled in both her sophomore year. Matthew Martinie qualified in the 200.

Jaret Brumback– Regional Champ 110 mh. Set the School Record 14.47. 4th fastest time in all classes in state. ( 3rd year)

Jaret Brumback– 300mh (2nd year)

Jessie Jenkins-3200 ( 4th year)

Sailor Jackson– Pole Vault ( 3rd year)

Sailor Jackson– Javelin ( 3rd year)

Hunter Newcomb– Pole Vault

Saydi Sullivan– 300mh– New PR 51.78 ( 3rd year)

Saydi Sullivan-110mh — New PR 16.8

Matthew Martinie-200

Anna Thompson Finished 6th in Pole Vault

Matthew Fleck-6th 1600

Jessie Jenkins-6th 1600

Results from TRL League Meet

            The TRL meet took place at Yates Center. it was cold and very wet.  We finished with 8 individual champs, the most in a long time. We won the girls league title for the  second year in the row. The senior girls finished 2nd in the CNC twice; then won 2  league titles. The boys finished 3rd , highest finish since 2001.  We had 3 of top 5 kids in 2A in the 110mh hurdles, and 3 of top  8 in the boys 300mh hurdles.

TRL Individual Champs-

Jaret Brumback-110mh

Jaret Brumback-300mh

Sailor Jackson-Pole Vault

Sailor Jackson-Shot Put

Sailor Jackson-Javelin

Jessie Jenkins-3200

Girls 4×800- Martin, Jenkins, Thompson,Hartman

Boys 4×800- Fox,Bennett,Fleck, Tavernaro

Individual Places

Girls 100mh- Saydi Sullivan 2nd

Boys 110m- Jaret Brumback 1st, Cullen Mutz-5th

Boys 200- Matthew Martinie 6th

Girls 300mh- Saydi Sullivan-3rd

Boys 300mh- Jaret Brumback 1st, Cullen Mutz-4th

Girls 800- Jessie Jenkins 5th

Boys 800- Kaden Fox-5th

Girls 1600-Jessie Jenkins- 2nd

Boys 1600-Matthew Fleck 5th

Girls 3200-Jessie Jenkins -1st

Boys 3200- Matthew Fleck-5th

Girls 4×100-5th- Thompson,Sullivan,Hartman,Spahn

Boys 4×100-4th-Cummins, Uber, Opoltnik,Center

Boys 4×400-3rd-Brumback, Mutz, Newcomb, Tavernaro

Girls 4×800-1st- Martin, Jenkins, Thompson,Hartman

Boys 4×800- 1st- Fox,Bennett,Fleck, Tavernaro

Girls Triple Jump-2nd- Saydi Sullivan

Girls Discus-2nd- Sailor Jackson

Boys Discus-2nd- Micah Uber

Girls Javelin-1st- Sailor Jackson

Girls Shot Put- 1st Sailor Jackson, 6th Julie Martin

Boys Shot Put-2nd Gage Oplotnik

Girls Pole Vault- 1st Sailor Jackson, 2nd Anna Thompson, 3rd Miranda Hartman

Boys Pole Vault- 3rd Hunter Newcomb, 6th Trenton Hartman

Team Awards

Most Points Girls- Sailor Jackson

Most Points Boys- Jaret Brumback

Field Athlete- Sailor Jackson

Track Athlete- Jaret Brumback

Lancer Pride- Cullen Mutz and Trenton Hartman

The following Kids Lettered in track

Jessie Jenkins-4

Julie Martin-1

Sailor Jackson-4

Jaret Brumback-4

Miranda Hartman-2

Saydi Sullivan-4

Jakob Tavernaro-3

Ramsey Center-2

Dan Cheney-3

Anna Thompson-3

Gage Oplontnik-3

Ty Cummins-1

Karlena Spahn-2

Matthew Fleck-2

Darin Rex-2

Hunter Newcomb-2

Kaden Fox-2

Micah Uber-2

Matthew Martinie-1

Cullen Mutz-1

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