USD 247 In-Person and Remote Learning Plan Beginning January 5, 2021

Dear Lancer Families,

Thank you for your continued partnership and support during the first semester of this unique school year. This semester we have learned how to maximize safety and learning opportunities for students based on your feedback, current science, common sense, and data from our county health department.

To begin the second semester, in-person learning will be the expectation for the majority of our students.  This expectation is based upon the most recent data in our community for the age group of 0-17.  This data indicates that verifiable in-school transmission of COVID is rare while transmission within the home and community remains significant.  The rare transmission of COVID in our schools is due to our strict safety and mitigation efforts.  Because of these efforts, students and school staff are less likely to become exposed and ill from COVID in the school environment.  Additionally, in-person learning allows us to better support the physical, social, and emotional needs of our students than in a remote learning option.

Remote Learning.  Remote learning has been new, exciting, challenging, and full of potential for students, teachers, and families. What we have learned during this first semester, that despite everyone’s best efforts, very few students were successful in this environment.  Therefore, the guidelines for remote learning as an option for the second semester are as follows:

  • Students who are placed on quarantine will be expected to engage in Remote Learning during the quarantine period if they are physically able to do so.
  • Short Term Remote Learning will not be an option other than during quarantine.
  • Families may submit an application for full time Remote Learning to be reviewed by school administration.  The following will be taken into consideration: student attendance, student growth & achievement data, grades, student/family underlying health issues, and feedback from the student, parents, and teachers.  All applications are due by December 16 and can be accessed using the link below.
  • Students approved for Remote Learning will be locked into remote unless required or approved by building administration to return to in-person learning earlier.

Please contact your building principal if you have any questions.

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