January is School Board Appreciation Month!

(Pictured Left to Right) John Staton, Ron Yancey, Jenna Pritchett, and Jessica Wells. Not pictured are David Stricklin and Trista Shuster.

Just look at this fine bunch of leaders! Our school board members are here because they love students and believe that education can positively impact a community, its members, and beyond. We know that school board members set the vision for a district and then lay out goals to move towards that vision. They are passionate about what they do and love seeing the great things that happen because of the decisions they’ve made as a board. School board members helped lead our district through an unprecedented and unpredictable pandemic. They continue to support our district’s navigation of constantly changing information and situations. Join the Southeast Family and Celebrate School Board Appreciation Month by thanking our school board members! Our school board includes David Stricklin, Ron Yancey, Trista Shuster, Jessica Wells, Jenna Pritchett, and John Staton. These six individuals make crucial decisions for the students and staff at Southeast USD 247. Thank you, School Board Leaders!

Feel free to email your board members and send them a personal thank you!

  • President, At Large representative (through 2021): David Stricklin – dstricklin@usd247.com
  • Zone #1 (through 2024): Jenna Pritchett – jpritchett@usd247.com
  • Zone #2 representative (through 2024): John Staton – jstaton@usd247.com
  • Zone #3 Open
  • Vice President, Zone #4 (through 2021): Ron Yancey – ryancey@usd247.com
  • Zone #5 (through 2022): Trista Shuster – tshuster@usd247.com
  • Zone #6 (through 2022): Jessica Wells – jwells@usd247.com
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