National School Counseling Week is Feb 1 – 5

Help us celebrate Kaci Tredway and Jeremy Goode, USD 247 District Counselors, during National School Counseling Week, February 1 – 5!

Facing a challenge or planning a future requires courage, persistence, and support. School counselors can assist with all of these things as part of the school team that helps students turn their dreams into reality. School counselors play important roles in school districts, allowing students to resolve issues they face at home or in the classroom. Given the challenges students may encounter in a remote or hybrid learning environment, their role has been even more essential this year. It is said that each child needs at least five strong, dependable, level-headed individuals in their lives to form their support system — keeping them on their chosen path, giving them someone to talk to, and offering guidance. Counselors commonly serve as one of those individuals, often times from kindergarten through their senior year and beyond. This especially holds true in a small community, such as ours.

On our Facebook page, please leave a comment on how these counselors have shaped your life or your child’s life, or feel free to leave a kind word or a note of encouragement. Let’s show Ms. Tredway and Mr. Goode how much we respect and care for them and the work they do.

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