May 7th – School Lunch Hero Day!

Today, May 7th, is School Lunch Hero Day! 

School Lunch Hero Day gives schools and communities the opportunity to thank the school nutrition professionals who serve 30 million students each day. Thirty million…wow! That’s a lot of kids! And, even though our school lunch heroes serve less than 500 of those 30 million, they are still a very important and intricate part of a student’s day. They may be the one person that day who feeds them a meal. They may be the one person that day who asks, “Hi, how are you?” or says “Have a great day!” School Lunch Hero Day is dedicated to those who make the cafeterias and the schools a better place to be, and that’s exactly what our Southeast Lancer School Lunch Heroes do!!

Our lunch heroes are Mel Brennon, Gaye Clark, Amber Hale, Rosanna Ristau, Tammy Ritchie, Tammie Taylor, Tasha Young, and their unwavering leader, Connie Kimzey.  Feel free to comment on the Facebook post and let these heroes know how much you appreciate them!

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