Celebrating Nurse Lacey!

Today, May 12th, we celebrate National School Nurse Day! School nurses are often the first person a student of staff member thinks to turn to when they don’t feel well or have been hurt, and we are fortunate to have the best of the best with Nurse Lacey Wilbert. Nurse Lacey takes care of the entire school district, which includes students and staff. That was an even more monumental task when COVID entered the picture.

She teaches specific health courses to the middle school and high school students, tends to anything from broken bones to splinters for all ages, and organizes the collection held at Christmas time to lend a helping hand.

A lot of people know that she wrote a grant that resulted in a new hearing screener for the district. What a lot of people don’t know is that she worked it out so we can share this wonderful new screener with other local school districts, so they may benefit as well.

And, a lot of people don’t know that our own Nurse Lacey finished a marathon in April. How cool is that!?

Thank you Nurse Lacey for always being there, and for looking out for all of us! You are awesome!

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