Sunflower Summer: Free Access to 70 Kansas Attractions!

Greetings Lancer Families:

We are very excited to share with you an opportunity for your family to experience nearly 70 Kansas attractions at no cost from now until mid-August. “Sunflower Summer” is a program that was developed by the Kansas State Department of Education and the goal is for students and families to have fun and experience as many of these attractions as possible this summer.

This video explains in more detail this program’s purpose and how to begin the process of accessing these free attractions through the Sunflower Summer app (Google Play and Apple App Store), which requires a brief registration process that is explained in more detail HERE.

There is also a website that contains links to the apps and some additional information about this exciting, fun, and free opportunity.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and we hope you continue to have a great summer!


USD 247

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